Nazareth and the Fauzi Azar Inn


I just arrived to Nazareth today and I’m already in love with this place! The hostel I’m living in is called Fauzi Azar Inn. It’s an old arab mansion with high ceilings in every room, decorated with fine paintings. There’s a lovely patio, a fountain and a balcony with a view over the whole city. I’m living in a luxurious “dorm” room, but there’s only one woman in the same room with me and it’s really more like a big hotel room. Except the hotel rooms aren’t this beautiful and cosy.

The bus trip from Jerusalem was about two hours and the bus was very modern. There was only one problem: I forgot to take the map of Nazareth with me so I didn’t really know where the hostel was located. I thought Nazareth is a small village so everybody could tell me where the hostel was.. Well, I thought wrong. Nazareth has actually 65 000 people, just checked from wikipedia. When I stepped out of the bus I had no idea where I was and where the hostel would be. I tried to ask some people for advice but they didn’t speak english and the ones that did, didn’t know where the hostel was! After a while I luckily found a person who showed me to the right direction and after a while of wandering criss-cross in the old city I finally found this place.

After having a lovely chat in the patio with a hungarian man and an american young man (these chats with people from all over the world are one of the best things of this journey) I decided to walk around. After the busy and noisy Jerusalem, Nazareth feels like a quiet haven. 🙂 I visited the most important attraction of Nazareth, Basilica of the Annunciation. It’s a beautiful church and I happened to get there just in time for a catholic prayer time, so I attended. There’s gonna be some more happenings in the church in the next few days and since I’m staying for three nights I’ll definitely go there again.

Yesterday I attended the Jerusalem light festival in the old city. They had made some interesting light installations, circus and music around old city and a lot of people had come to watch it. I also met a nice woman there, who works to help the stray cats of Jerusalem by feeding and spaying them. Since we were near her home in a jewish quarter, she asked me to visit and see her five kittens she saved from the streets. Oh my, they were so cute! On of them was still so small she had to feed it with a bottle of milk. It’s wonderful there are people out there who take care of these – often starving and sick -animals of the streets. While writing this I’m missing my own cuties at home, happy that they are in a good and loving care.

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2 thoughts on “Nazareth and the Fauzi Azar Inn

  1. Hi Annika – hope all is well!
    We linked your post to the Fauzi website – .
    As you can see you are in a good company – hope it’s ok with you.

    Was wondering if you can also re link to the Fauzi website?

    Thanks and I really like your blog! it’s great!


  2. Wow, we receive quite a few Israeli visitors at our small inn, but your place looks great. We think small inns and hostels provide the most adventurous travel and attuning to the local culture. 65,000 people in Nazareth, that is something I didn’t expect. If you get to the world’s most active volcano check out our inn in the rainforest next to the volcano. Volcano Hawaii Hotels, Inns & Lodges: more why this is the best option at
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